DirecTV going 3D in March

Chris Forrester

It has yet to be formally announced, but most industry observers expect pay-TV operator DirecTV to start transmitting a full 3D channel around March. The official announcement is expected to made at the giant CES show later this week.

Extra satellite bandwidth is just being provided in the shape of a new satellite in orbit which will permit not just this initial channel but further 3D services along the road. The debut channel is likely to include sports, movies and documentary programming in 3D, and will showcase 3D’s attractions for retailers to demo on an increasing range of 3D-equipped TV sets.

DirecTV subscribers will get a firmware upgrade to their existing set-top boxes, but will still need to invest in a ‘3D ready’ set.

Helping drive the 3D message home will be a heavyweight burst of propaganda from the Blu-ray industry, as well as the hardware sector extolling the virtues of 3D entertainment, as well as the beneficial spin-off of experiences from the theatrical release of movies such as Avatar.

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