Viaccess PC 2.6 and 3.0, broken by pirates?

* 2009-12-31 15:13:31 / Hacking
* Last update: 2010-01-05 08:59:00
* Source: Inf / / Happysat / AoF

Dark clouds gather over solutions provider CA (Conditional Access in English) - a company Viaccess SA, a company governed by the France Telecom Group. Even before Christmas, December 19, 2009, the network software available for selected models and digital receivers for DVB cards, enabling the decoding of the Italian broadcaster Channel offers erotic Satisfaction SCT, using a PC card Viaccess 2.6.

Spice up the whole situation being that the hackers made available on the web full source code written in C, allowing the addition of unauthorized decoding packages of SCT for almost every receiver, if you only have actively developed emulation software coding systems. Despite the relatively robust security (number of times the transformation of data before decryption), the system has been so successfully overcome, it appeared even the ripples in a completely forgotten your Gold Card.

One of the hackers on the forum devoted to the popular DVB cards commented that, in practice, Viaccess is now helpless, made public the data represent a serious breach in security. Are shrouded in secrecy, only the method of gaining the keys, but apparently this is not an excessive problem since shortly after the spill showed SCT is also input to the new modules DiabloCAM CI 2, called Ipnosys, with added successive packages: * Swiss SRG SSR (13 ° E ), erotic Free-X TV (13 ° E) and French BIS (13 ° E and 5 ° W).

Unofficially it is said that the next packet after SCT, which will be made publicly available, it will just * Swiss SRG SSR. At the same time there is a list of packages, which are broken. In foreign fora strongly suggests that their availability is only a matter of time i. .. money, that is a manufacturer of receivers pay "under the table" more for its products sell better!

Exchanged among the platforms to be at risk: the Russian platform NTV Plus (36 ° E), the Arab channels Al Jazeera Sports (26 ° E, 13 ° E and 7 ° E), French CanalSat (19.2 ° E) and ... Orange Poland platform TP. This may mean that the newer card Viaccess PC 3.0 has been compromised, though here the possibility of blockade of the CA are apparently larger. Not to be affected the most recent card PRAHA called Viaccess PC 4.0.

Consequences of the piracy threat, then certainly the exchange of cards erotic channels in Viaccess, and that are sometimes huge problems, especially when someone bought the card in a small shop online, or abroad. It will probably gradually to exchange cards or even to renounce and eliminate system Viaccess among vulnerable platforms. Possible, for example, that dispenses with NTV Plus Viaccess typical for the Russian system of DRE-Crypt, but for now is pure speculation.