France Télévisions becomes unique
Written by Pascale Paoli Lebailly
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 20:34

With a new year come changes. On Jan 4, France Télévisions, until now composed as a holding group of companies, became a unique structure. This implies new operational methods and social conventions as the public group must now make its 11,000 people dispatched into 40 companies work in a horizontal way.

New managing teams, common to all channels, have been set up into five domain of activities. Programming, On-Air and News is topped by FTV N° 2 Patrice Duhamel; Finance, Budget and Human Resources by Damien Cuier; Regional and Local Output by Geneviève Giard; while Claude-Yves Robin heads Marketing and Publicity; and François Guilbeau pilots Technologies and Digital Developments.

However, the reform is not an easy goal to achieve and explain among the teams. Syndicates are asking for an inhouse referendum on the changes.