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11:00Reach for the Sky[SUB BW]Biopic of renowned World War Two hero Douglas Bader. A plane crash in 1931 cost the aspiring pilot both his legs, but after learning to walk on artificial limbs, he rose to the rank of squadron leader in the RAF. However, more misfortune was in store when he was shot down over occupied France and taken prisoner. Starring Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow and Alexander KnoxFilm/Adventure/War

13:50The RobeA callous Roman centurion is assigned to oversee Christ's crucifixion, an experience he finds so moving that he decides to convert to the new Christian faith, incurring the wrath of the insane Emperor Caligula in the process. Drama, based on the novel by Lloyd C Douglas and starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature and Michael RennieFilm/General Movie/Drama

16:25Thunderbirds Are Go![SUB]International Rescue is called in to save the first manned Mars probe from sinister hijacker The Hood, and ensure a second mission runs smoothly. Puppet adventure based on Gerry Anderson's TV series, featuring the voices of Shane Rimmer, Ray Barrett, Alexander Davion, Peter Dyneley, Christine Finn and Cliff Richard, voicing a puppet version of himselfFilm/Adventure/War

18:25Battle of Britain[SUB]During World War Two the German Luftwaffe launches a campaign of aerial attacks against Britain in a plan to gain control of the skies in preparation for invasion. The RAF, under the leadership of Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding, mounts a determined defence over the summer and autumn of 1940, despite being massively outnumbered. Drama, starring Laurence Olivier, Michael Caine, Robert Shaw and Christopher PlummerFilm/Adventure/War

21:00The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen[SUB AD]Courageous hunter Allan Quatermain teams up with a host of other Victorian literary heroes - including Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, Tom Sawyer and Dr Jekyll - to put a stop to the nefarious Fantom's evil plot to bring about a world war. Fantasy adventure, based loosely on Alan Moore's graphic novel, starring Sean Connery, Shane West, Stuart Townsend and Richard RoxburghFilm/Adventure/War

23:05The Proposition[SUB]A captured outlaw is offered a terrible choice by a British lawman - either track down and kill the older of his brothers, or the younger will be hanged. Australian Western, starring Guy Pearce Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Emily Watson, John Hurt and David Wenham, with a screenplay by singer Nick CaveFilm/Western