This is an ALPHA release.....supports ROM101 and 102 North American Dishnetwork and Bell Express Vu. Limited functions right now but this has great potential!!!

ROM Explorer is a educational tool designed to allow anyone
the ability to learn internal working of DISH Network and
similar smartcards and manage those binary images. Reading
and writing to those smartcards is not the function of this tool
at this time.
WARNING! Never apply bins created or modified with this version until
you have completely checked them out for errors. Although
we have used the Patch Engine and Tier Editor in-house for several
days, you never know what field testing will bring. We fully expect
repairs :-)
There is a HUGE amount of work in progress! But a alpha release is needed
to determine the real "wants" of the community. While full source code
release is being considered, I have not come to any conclusions.
Unzip and install in a folder of your choice!
- This release includes:
No Runtime or DLL's needed!
Supports ROM101 and ROM102 DISH and BEV
Full Blown Hex Fully Configurable Editor
Tier Editing
-Editing any byte of known tier types
Patch Engine for ROM101 and ROM102
-supports the adopted .ep??? patch files.
-Syntax checker within the editor.
Patch Client supporting ROM Explorer's Patch Server
-Free Patch Server not included in the Alpha release

Built in WinExplorer removed for now while more powerful
scripting engine is being considered.
Built-In Tier creator based on Viper's TierGenN2 hard work is being considered.
Permission from Vipor would be appreciated!
For more serious consideration please see the Help/About in the app for email.
Free Rom Explorer patch server and details about how to communicate with it
will be released in the next couple of weeks. Anyone can run a patch server
and anyone running ROM Explorer can download from one.
So much more to come!
Next release will include Patch Engine "Create" methods. This allows you
to create patch files from loaed .bn?? file selections within the hex editor
or by hand.
!cleandtiers - wipe movie tier data
!reorgdataspace - reorg dataspace to put IDEA Keys, movie and PPV tiers last