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Thread: CCcam & Gbox Control Centar

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    CCcam & Gbox Control Centar

    - Fixed bug in uptime stats for servers
    - Added php update system on all pages
    - Fixed Tv Guidance info
    - Fixed small bugs from source
    - Added screen capture button
    - Some bugs fixed
    - Added option for donating


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    Re: CCcam & Gbox Control Centar

    CCcam & Gbox Control Center 1.6

    - added all soccer livescores
    - small fixes in colors from providers stats
    - added E1 and E2 Razvodnik settings list
    - added difference from all your shares and global providers ident list (which card you have which not from your provider list)
    - added selected profile info
    - added server editor(works only if your server have FTP server)

    If exist, please delete folder "C:\cs" befrore running CardSharing-X Control

    NOTE: if you have your own cccam providers list and cccam fake providers list, please copy it to folder c:\cs\cccam

    On Vista and Win 7 right click "run as admin"



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