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Thread: DM500S Power issues

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    DM500S Power issues

    Hi I have a DM500S which has been happiliy working for the last couple of months. It is using Gemini 4.6. Last night I was watching a channel when the picture froze. I tuned to another channel and back to the same channel and got the msg "Service not found". I tried other channels but just got the same msg. I power cycled the box and the green light on the box came on but faded slowly and there was no display. I changed the PSU for a spare one I had lying around, same voltage, and the power light stays on and I do get an image on the screen but the picture is like a badly tuned TV, black and white, rolling and distorted. There is also a hum from the power connection at the back of the box. I can stop this if I play with the power connector. On the screen I can just about make out the GP logo and part of the screen showing TV system and PAL. My TV is PAL so I shouldn't be getting issues with a rolling picture unless something on the DM500 has failed. The box was connected via scart, I've tried the component out and get the same issues. No matter what I seem to do I can't get the rolling to stop. I'm guessing it has failed. Does anyone else have any ideas?



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    Re: DM500S Power issues

    Hi my friend
    I have exactly the same problem. before the update (to Gemini 4.6) I had a 4.0 and it worked perfectly.
    I made the update last night, and today sudenly all frizzed. I restart my DM500 and NOTHING: only a black screen.
    I suppoed it's the bomb time/shit in the Gemini 4.6 and curiously my DM is an original and not a clone but their f*****g bomb destroyed my DM.
    The only way to reset the DM in this case is using a JTAG. It's not really complex to make a JTAG and use it, but you need to open your dreambox and make 5 or 6 soldiers.
    You can see how to do it in youtube (keyword: jtag for DM500)
    Good luck my friend

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