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Thread: Things you didn't know about cardsharing with FAUSTO!!

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    Things you didn't know about cardsharing with FAUSTO!!

    This is what you can do with FAUSTO!!!!

    * Fausto supports ALL the common protocols: newcamd, radegast, camd33/35 (tcp + udp), gbox and CCCAM!!

    * Fausto can also act as a bridge between protocols (converting from one to the other).

    * Fausto supports the biggest range of hardware - boxes, card-readers, etc, including support for serial port readers, season interface & Diablo wireless AND serial port protocols such as HSIC - SSSP - Truman Share!!!!

    * Fausto can be run on Windows and Linux - with the same config!!

    * Fausto can also read and support more cards than any other card-server!

    * You can also filter SIDS and CHIDS, to make sure you only get/serve what you want to!

    * Protect yourself with EMM blocking (and blocking of problematic nanos). You can of course also send EMMs to cards if you want.

    * Fausto can mix card sharing with either internal emu or external emu (such as dvb plugins).

    * With Fausto, you can cardshare the new Viasat Card and we also implemented the FIX for Sky Italia!!!!

    Try Fausto today - it's the best out there!!

    Fausto is a free software developed by Masare Team at JKF

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    Re: Things you didn't know about cardsharing with FAUSTO!!

    Yeah sound good, but would help if there is info how to work with it ................ !

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