National distribution for France

By Robert Briel
January 13, 2010 07.43 UK

The French media authority CSA has approved the distribution of the public France channel throughout the country and its overseas territories.

This extension will result in better visibility of the overseas programming, an increased knowledge of the cultural, economic and social conditions of different overseas communities and increase the free-to-air offer to the benefit of all viewers, according to the CSA .

Last November, French president Nicolas Sarkozy had announced the distribution of France throughout the country from 2010 to enhance its visibility. France , part of France Televisions with programming aimed at the overseas territories (DOM-TOM as the French call them) is currently broadcast via DVB-T in Ile-de-France (Paris and environs), and nationwide via cable, IPTV and DTH satellite.

The plan is now to carry the channel across the national DTT network in mainland France.