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Thread: Watch out guys

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    Watch out guys

    Watch out guys! There are some Omnia cards in the market that are fake!!
    Those cards were meant to be sample cards given out for testing and now are mass produced but not genuine cards. Those cards are working with the public Omnia loader: OminaLoader12.exe of 53248 Kb and ArtBisMct20.omn of 58.868 Kb but NO MORE UPDATES!
    Those cards are spread in these days and are ONLY working with ART, BIS and MCT until the fist update from providers. The seller same as COCO is promising Al Jazeera Sport and other providers but those cards will never be supported and will be working only with ART, BIS and MCT and cannot be updated. At the first key change no more updates card is DEAD!!
    So donít buy this fake cards original Omnia and Omnia Plus will be in the market very very soon with new loader and more providers!!!
    How to distinguish original OMNIA from fake?

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    Re: Watch out guys

    for me the new original "Omnia" looks exactly the same as my Old Vista Card well nown as well as X-Card in former Soviet Union republics wich used to open RTVi and NTV+ via 2.6 more then a year ago...
    I can put my balls on that the chip is all the same ( I well proved it for Vista and X-card already) ..... even OS may different....

    So everybody takes the unlooper and start to convert old Vista Cards The chanses are slim, but your never know

    My vista and after X-Card

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    Re: Watch out guys

    you have solutions .. pm me now we can done some work .... SAMISA

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    Re: Watch out guys

    j'ai la carte du milieu (l'image a la page 1) qui est d'apres vous FAKE et n'ouvre que ART MCT BIS chez moi elle ouvre CSAT aussi
    Alors ma carte est originale ou pas ???????????????????????
    Elle aura le support a l'avenir????????????
    Est ce que vous saviez vraiment laquelle est original ou juste du blablabla????????????

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    Re: Watch out guys

    salut ZIED peut tu me dire ou a tu acheter ta carte et a combien ?


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