CANAL + France end analogue diffusion at 8W

* 2010-01-15 10:49:23 / Janusz Sulisz
* Last update: 2010-01-15 13:36:02

A satellite Atlantic Bird 2 (8W) ended analog channel distribution of the French CANAL + France. The satellite is currently being used exclusively for digital broadcasting in the DVB-S. CANAL + has previously stated that it intends to terminate its analog distribution of CANAL + and focus on the digital offer, which includes several programs, including HDTV.

Program CANAL + France, consisting of series and movies, and for households in France, offer analog, is still transmitted via satellite Atlantic Bird 3 (5E) on the frequency 12.648 GHz, pol. V, SECAM. The signal is coded system syster / Nagravision.