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Thread: Star4Ever V 3.0-Dm500

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    Star4Ever V 3.0-Dm500

    Star4Ever V 3.0

    Technical Infos:
    CVS Version: 15.01 2010
    Linux kernel version: 2.6.9
    GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
    Web Inteface 6.0.4-Expert
    Busybox 1.01
    BLUE - Blue Panel
    YELLOW - plugins
    RED - EPG
    GREEN - subservices
    panels features
    Syst info
    Extra set
    Download Addons - Emus,Plugins,Setting
    Manual Install Addons tar.bz2
    Delite Addons
    Start (restart Emu)

    New in Star4Ever 3
    add new control panel
    support arabic language
    many language in download addons
    picon (default picon) installed
    bug fixes
    more change in cvs
    This image doesn't include keys or emulators.

    Fixed by aitchala
    Skin -Bleulight by Matrix thx
    Special thank you to all members of the Merlin Project Team, Nemesis



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    Re: Star4Ever V 3.0-Dm500

    Star4Ever V3 Black Matrix Silver CCcam 2.1.4 Turkish Original Mod by toddler 22.03.2010

    - This image non time bomb
    - CCcam 2.1.4, CCcam Info and Ecminfo image is integrated.
    - Image is in Turkish and English. (Other languages can be downloaded addons Server.)
    - 4 satellite satellites.xml file is used. (Turksat, Hotbird, Eutelsat and Astra)
    - Channel list, list view at the help button to change the channel.
    - 85% of the memory is blank
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