I can not see the NBA TV channel converter of QBOX ONE if the emulator of CCcam 2.1.3 + Image of SIF Team 1.9.4C

I wrote down the key of Softcam Key file that way and not working

F 00071FFF 00 DEA91198CAF9E3A6
F 00071FFF 01 DEA91198CAF9E3A6

I wrote down this way and it also does not work

F 00071FF3 00 DEA91198CAF9E3A6
F 00071FF3 01 DEA91198CAF9E3A6

What should I do to channel the emulator work with CCcam 2.1.3 converter of QBOX ONE

The emulator's CCcam 2.1.3 I took the green button menu Online 2 after installation of file Url2 folder of / var / etc / SifTeam / tmp /