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Thread: Convert JST-1 in PVR-ST1

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    Convert JST-1 in PVR-ST1

    Using the firmware ST1-0017_N2PVR prepared by me you can turn to permanently JST-1 in Pvr-ST1.

    The advantage of this transformation is the ability to take advantage of better firmware

    - Management of the Sky card.
    - Management of the card M.P. (directly into the card reader)
    - Management of TivuSat card. (directly into the card reader)
    - Increase the speed of channel changing data that must initialize the cam in step SAT / DTT.
    - Opening channels S1-> S8 13.0 E

    Only drawback is a bug that does not allow the proper loading of lists motor. E 'but you can overcome this drawback, erasing some channel from the list in order to reduce the number. The bug, reported, will be resolved in the next version of firmware.
    The tests revealed no other problems.

    Obviously the decoder so JST-1 processor shall not in any case be used as a PVR due to different hardware features.

    After loading the firmware ST1-0017_N2PVR you must use the firmware Pvr-ST1.
    E 'but you can reset the decoder to the original firmware ( using the file ST1-0006_PVR2N

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