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Thread: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

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    Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    Setup BestttLoaderV5.2
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    Re: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    what is this? A new loader? Does it do something more?

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    Re: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    And why does it load a C9.exe file on system32 directory? May be a virus? My nod32 has blocked it!

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    Re: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    It's been uploaded by a moderator. Shouldn't he have checked it first for containing viruses, trojans or malware? Moderators are considered to be reliable by default.

    @drspiros Does it offer anything more than other loaders?

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    Re: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    After such things, do not wonder how "they" got inside to your PCs....

    This is a backdoor creator....

    Use Microsoft Security Essentials, update it online and clean your computers immediately...

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    Re: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty12 View Post
    drspiros Does it offer anything more than other loaders?
    I see no changes from previous version.

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    Re: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    Guys dont download and install this emk loader....its a trojan.....DAMN.....

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    Re: Setup BestttLoaderV5.2

    thanks i don't install

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