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    gamma cards

    I just realized that Satkiwi withdrew all the gamma cards from his shop.....instead he added Omnia card!

    If you know something Satkiwi please let us know as well! Is gamma over? As I told you in another post I opened, you should inform and support your customers and not forget them after they buy from you!

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    Re: Satkiwi

    I withdrew nothing, I ran out, we sell cards not files, I say what I can i forward all to support forums, i will confirm gamma is still up. do some work yourself the files and logs are in public find them test them learn how to use them.

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    Re: Satkiwi

    I will do some work and learn more.....I am already trying to be honest...but please make me a favor and do the same so you can support your customers....I am glad you are sold out on gamma from 1 day to another.....all the best

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