Cybershaloin-This is the latest and final version of our popular tool, CyberDBS Nagra2 Tools V. 1.101 VIP.

This version is the last one we will release public or/and under its name. I'd like to thanks all the people who worked so hard on this project, especially, asus and Xpresshack. Also, thanks to Tony the Tiger.


What's new?

- Correction of minor bugs.
- Decryption of some commands in the CAM Info, DataLogger & CMD Analyser sections.
- Improvement of the CMD Analyser section for some tests in married sub.
- New section "Cipher" for manual tests as to decrypt the CMD 22 01 08, the ECM, RSA et IDEA...
- Some config files added.

For more information, refer to the new improved help in the program, still available in English and French.

Also, Thanks to BeastLord and Antitrust99