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Thread: Problem With New Firmwares

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    Problem With New Firmwares

    I have a 5300 super + positioner + Firmware (beta 07/22/09) width 16 sat and there is no problem .

    after i changed Firmware To Above version Like beta 01/21/10 with SAT KEY on Remote Control i cant change sat , it show Moving .... but no action from positioner but on signal search Menu when i change sat it works well

    i earsed firmware , reset factory, delete all ch. and ... but no luck

    help me plz

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    Re: Problem With New Firmwares


    i have a SR-X95 USB and i cant open mezzo channel from hotbird, even with correct key entered, with v 1.64 firmware it worked correctly but when i upgrade it to newer version for example 1.76 it cannot decode channel !!

    do you know if viaacess decoding is omitted from new firmwares !!?

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