44% Households with satellite TV in the Czech Republic by 2012

According to a new research by STEM / MARK Mediasearch orderd by satellite operator SES ASTRA , by the year 2012, about 44 percent of households in the CZech Republic will posess a satellite dish pointed at its satellites positioned at 23.5 degrees east and satelites will become the main means of TV the reception in the Czech Republic. In 2012, 37 percent. households will benefit from the terrestrial 19 percent. the cable, and only 6 percent. of IPTV.
A few years ago the situation was completely different. In 2003, the terrestrial television has benefited 71 percent. households in the Czech Republic, the satellite only 12 percent. and 18 percent. households with cable television.

According to recent studies, in certain regions of the Czech Republic, signal penetration ASTRA satellite system is from 40 to 45 percent. This is mainly related to poor quality or lack of DVB-T.

ASTRA projections show that at the end of 2010, every third household TV in the Czech Republic will benefit from the position of 23.5 E.