Germany to decide on future of DVB-H

By Robert Briel
January 24, 2010 11.09 UK

The German state media authorities hope to reach a decision by mid-March 2010 to give DVB-H mobile TV a second chance. A condition for opening a new tender for a DVB-H licence is that there will be “a relevant interest of the market” for a new 10-year concession.

“We have always stressed that only concrete interest can open the door for a restart of DVB-H. Interested parties must have reached agreements with the network operators, broadcasters and mobile operators. They must clearly indicate how the planned cooperation will be realised and what will be the economic viability, ” said Thomas Langheinrich, chairman of the Commission for approval and oversight (ZAK), in a statement. “Because a system that is not economically viable, can not help to develop diversity.”

Ever since the Mobile 3.0 consortium handed back its DVB-H licence in the autumn of 2008, a special working group of the regional media authorities had explored a possible rebirth of a DVB-H service with potential candidates and other market players. The ZAK now hopes to reach a clear decision on the possible future of DVB-H.