BBC online soap pulls in 1.7m views

By Julian Clover
January 25, 2010 11.57 UK

E20, the online spin-off from the BBC soap EastEnders, has reached 1.7 million views since its launch on January 8. The figures compare favourably with conference darling KateModern, produced by Bebo, which at its peak in May 2008 was drawing in 1.5 million views per week.

The BBC soap was commissioned by BBC Vision Multiplatform and has benefitted from both cross-promotion and storylines that have interweaved with the four-nights-a-week soap.

“It’s really encouraging to see EastEnders: E20 performing so well. It shows what can be achieved when brand new writing and acting talent plus BBC drama and web expertise combine to create something really impactful,” said Simon Nelson, controller portfolio & multiplatform, BBC Vision.

In addition to the EastEnders website, E20 is also available through the BBC iPlayer.