Mixed news for Hungarian pay-TV

By Chris Dziadul
January 27, 2010 08.55 UK

The total number of digital TV subscriptions in Hungary stood at 1,117,959 as of the end of November 2009, according to data published by the country’s National Communications Authority (NHH).

While the figure, based on the 14 major service providers, was 8,708 up on a month earlier, the number of analogue TV subscriptions, again based on the same providers, fell by 17,719 over the same period to 1,354,063.

The overall TV subscription figure fell to 2,472,022 – a development, according to industry sources, reflecting the economic crisis in the country and impact it is having on its TV industry.

Other data published by the NHH shows that the total number of subscriptions to wired networks (cable and IPTV) as of November stood at 1,728,184, of which 374,121 were digital. Wireless subscriptions (DTH platforms and the MMDS service Antenna Digital) meanwhile claimed 743,838 customers.

Broadband TV News understands the Antenna Digital subscriber total to be below 40,000.