Hispasat expands HD offer

By Robert Briel
January 27, 2010 08.09 UK

The Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has announced it has expanded its HD offer for Spain and Portugal, doubling the number of channels available to the markets.

Hispasat broadcasts on the Spanish digital TV platform Digital + the following channels in HD: Eurosport HD, Fox HD, Canal + Acción HD, MTVN HD, National Geographic HD, Canal + HD, Canal + Liga HD, DCine Canal + Sport HD and Canal + HD.

In addition, the satellite operator distributes HD platforms to Portugal for Meo Sat (Portugal Telecom) and Zon TV Cabo. In the latter, Hispasat has just added a new package of channels in HD so that Zon customers will have six new channels in HD in addition to the five existing ones.

In the field of technological innovation in HD, Hispasat continues to lead the Palco HD 2 project, funded by the Ministry of Industry under the Plan Avanza R & D.

The objectives of the project include research and development tools to control and measure the quality of HDTV signals, both in production and transmission as in reception by viewers in Spain.