Portugal's Sport TV launches new channels
Written by Iñaki Ferreras
Tuesday, 26 January 2010 20:13

Portugal's media regulator, the ERC, has authorized the creation of two new Sport TV channels called Sport TV Golfe and Sport TV.

Sport TV Golfe will have national coverage on satellite, IPTV and cable and according to its name will be entirely dedicated to golf. The channel will broadcast in both standard definition and high definition with Portuguese and English commentary.

Second channel Sport TV will have international coverage and will be addressed to the Portuguese African countries with Angola the first territory to be covered by it. Sport TV will broadcast either in SD or in HD via satellite.

According to the ERC, the information provided by Sport TV is that the channel will be an amalgamation of the currently-broadcast channels Sport TV1, Sport TV2, Sport TV3 and Sport TV HD, privileging national sports in its coverage.

Sport TV is Portugal’s dominant sports broadcaster and is owned 50/50 by ZON Multimédia and Controlinveste.