Theme channels X from February 1 at 9 E

* 2010-01-26 Anita Dabek
* Source: Inf

1 February 2010 a package of channels erotic Theme X will be released on satellite Eurobird 9A (9 E). Currently, the frequency 11.919 GHz, pol.V board has already appeared in the test, searched under the names X Theme channels also broadcast brief informing the board about starting at 9 E. Does this mean that the package will be excluded from the satellite Hot Bird 8 (13 E)? Certainly it would be bad information for users of the range of 13 E. X is the theme of high quality 8 channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The broadcaster does not broadcast advertisements, but only the movies and jingles. Emitted on each channel is 6 films a day, of which 4 are new. This gives a total of 48 films per day (32 new).

RSS Theme X:

Theme X Trans X
Theme X Hardcore
X Theme Groups
Theme X Fetish
Theme Oct 18
Theme X Peep
Bizarre X theme
Theme X Interracial

Channels are encoded in the system Conax, Irdeto 2, Viaccess Viaccess PC2.5 and PC3.0.

New technical Theme X:

Eurobird 9A (9 E)
tp. 60 (11.919 GHz, pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3 / 4)

In the new parameters at 9 E appended to the present, searched eight times with the same PID-s, the test board. What strange as you can hear the sound of Dual unspecified Arab TV channel, but probably only a temporary situation.

A few months ago a similar adventure with a message from the satellite Eurobird 9A scored another broadcaster erotic - SCT. After a few months but decided to return to 13 E. Paradoxically, at the time when the SCT hit at 9 E Sex View (Theme X, it is the former Sex View) ensures that at 13 degrees left. As can be seen in the case of channels erotic hard to trust any announcements ...

Possible move to 9 E, where will mean the end of the media while at 13 degrees, it will be quite a big hurdle for subscribers, as almost in most cases, this requires substantial modification to the antenna installation, and because of the remoteness 9 E from 13 E only 4 zezującego assembly system is not easy, and even not always possible.

January 26 the entire parcel Theme X satellite Hot Bird 8 (13 E) are classified as a small break in the release. Instead of films broadcast by the channel logos playgrounds, without comment, which is not carried live. The broadcaster, however, mastered the situation and after 18:00 resumed transmission.