Forget iPads, iPods: TV is all-important
Written by Chris Forrester

A report from market research consultancy Greenlight suggests that despite the obvious media interest in anything that emerges from Apple, what actually matters to consumers is the more humble TV set.

According to Greenlight’s latest study (into the UK ‘brown goods’ retail sector) the number of UK consumer searches for brown goods overall exceeded 20 million in November 2009, a jump of almost 5 million on October’s 15.2 million and an increase of 7 million when compared to September’s total. ‘Brown goods’ is the name given to cover TVs and entertainment hardware. ‘White goods’ refers to fridges, washing machines and the like.

Greenlight’s research covered five segments – entertainment products, TV’s, DVD players and recorders, PC’s and laptops and camera’s and camcorders. To gauge the audience size and a profile of how UK Google users went about their search for brown goods, Greenlight used industry data to classify 940 keywords of the most popular search terms and totalled the number of times each one was used. Greenlight’s report is based on search volumes for the last quarter, with a focus on November to give a more in-depth analysis.

‘Televisions’ is the most popularly searched for term followed by ‘iPod’ then ‘MP3 players’ says the study. Accounting for over a third of November’s searches, the entertainment products comprising MP3 players, personal video players, audio and iPod products, together with brand terms such as Logitech and Apple, were the most popular. Combined, they accounted for over a third (7.5 million) of November’s searches.

However, with a 13% share (2.7 million searches), the term ‘Televisions’ was by far the most popular individual brown goods search term. ‘iPod’, its nearest rival followed with 9%, then ‘MP3 players’ with 6%.