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Thread: GEMINI in clone DM500-S,is it Safe?

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    GEMINI in clone DM500-S,is it Safe?

    I Bought a DM500-S Clone (Made in China?)..recently.,this has the image as usually the PLI..But i am planning to Flash into GEMINI 4.70 my DM500_S Clone ...Because i had read on many sites about the new GEMINI non Timebomb 4.70..that is Safe for the Clone DM500-S...?
    I have doubt about the New Gemini non Timebomb 4.70..whether my DM500-S clone will blast after 1 or 2 or 3 months..or 15 days ?

    Anybody,,Knows about it ?
    May i Flash the new Gemini non Timebomb now...?

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    Re: GEMINI in clone DM500-S,is it Safe?

    Yes you can do it.
    if you are affraid to see your clone DM stopping work, use another image like sifteam or Pli image.
    I have a gemini image for my original DM and a sifteam image on my clone and it's working very well.
    anyway, if you prefer a gemini image, you can use one of "no bomb" image on this forum.

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    Re: GEMINI in clone DM500-S,is it Safe?

    m8 runnin this one few posts down...very quick good image


    you may wish to wait until Ccam 2.1.4 version is out!

    best luck

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