Hey guys , here it goes :)

I have recently bought a smartbox diablo receiver and i am experiencing a great deal of problems in training it. I am trying to see nagra2
channels (digitv 2111)

Here are some things i have tried :

-I've read on this forum, that my receiver is a clone of the echolink receiver that uses the ali 3229 b firmware. So i did,
i uploaded the ali b software ( from key-flash.com). It was the latest firm so it had the latest keys included in the bin file.
It did not work ( scrambled signal).
-I opened this bin and saved it without doing nothing, with ali key editor ( frome moresat.net) just to make sure, i uploaded it, scrambled signal.
- I created ss2 bin files from that (latest) bin which i uploaded, it did not work ( scrambled signal).
-I uploaded a cas file from ( key-flash.com), it did not work(scrambled signal)
-I edited the original firmware (alpha- key-flash.com) bin with the same editor and just put the keys for the 2111 in the nagra2 (00), saved,
uploaded, it did not work. the signal is still scrambled.
-I managed to install a firmware that created 2 more options in the tools menu: key editor and smartcard [...]. Under the 2111 Digitv 00 i inputed
the keys ( actual) and it did not work. scrambled signal.

I think my receiver is not the one i found firmware for. Mine does not have a card slot, so the smartcard option must be for other diablo receivers...

I am a mess, please help me. If you could also point me to the exact tools because i will most surely screw up.