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Thread: [E2 Plugin] Virtual (PiP) Zap

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    [E2 Plugin] Virtual (PiP) Zap

    [E2 Plugin] Virtual (PiP) Zap

    After vali presented its alpha version of its virtual zap plugin and his idea is really good, I sat down times and the plug completely revised and added some features.

    With Virtual (PiP) Zap Zoom you can get a info bar that allows you either to leave via the left / right key or by entering the number manually to the appropriate channel from the EPG display in a small info bar. "OK" you can if you like, switch to this channel also.

    When a dreambox with a dual tuner (it has 8000 / 7025) you can have the appropriate television channel in the PiP display to the left of the info bar.

    It has 4 ways to start the plugin (Settings) in the settings:

    1) Long press the "OK" when you are in TV and radio channels
    2) Press the "exit" when the info bar is not visible and one is in the TV and radio channels
    3) and 4) Will we prefer to put the plug on a Quick button, you can select the plugin list or Extended Bar

    My personal attitude is the exit option with PiP display.
    Thanks again to vali for the suggestions, which he has created with its alpha version of its plug-ins.

    The plugin is starting (tomorrow) on the experimental install feed on DMM or just here in the appendix.

    Have fun with it who it can be used for.

    Dr. Best



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    Re: [E2 Plugin] Virtual (PiP) Zap

    [E2 Plugin] Virtual (PiP) Zap

    Update 07.02.2010
    CVS commit Text:
    - removed unneeded dependencies
    - call VideoWindow objekt with fb size parameters, now you can set 
      the position of the object with real coordinates
    - bouquet change while zapping
    - use remote key bouquet +/- to change bouquet
    - added EventView,SingleEPG- and Similar List on "info" key
    - using skin from vali, much nicer now :-)

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    Re: [E2 Plugin] Virtual (PiP) Zap

    will it work for vu+ due?


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