And another Eutelsat banning!
Written by Chris Forrester
Sunday, 07 February 2010 10:22

Eutelsat has, according to BBC Monitoring, removed another channel. This time it’s an Arabic channel, but not the first to be taken off air.

Eutelsat, already in trouble over a Chinese dissident channel, and the Georgia public broadcaster, has allegedly removed a Yemeni expatriate channel. The company which backs the Aden Channel, says it went dark on Friday evening, Feb 5. Aden Channel was broadcasting from Eutelsat’s Atlantic Bird 4A craft, which sits alongside Nilesat.

In fairness to Eutelsat it is not precisely clear as to who was providing capacity to the Aden Channel. It might have been any number of wholesale suppliers and Eutelsat might not have had a direct relationship with the Aden Channel.

BBC Monitoring reports on a piece in the ’26 September’ website which says that the decision to stop the channel was the result of “many efforts made by government agencies, lawyers, and Yemeni expatriates in the United States and Britain, who have filed complaints regarding the channel's broadcasting of hatred, inciting violence, fuelling sectarian and regional discord, and rancour among the Yemenis, and promoting killing as well as acts of sabotage and terrorism.”

The ’26 September’ report says the secessionist Aden Channel was “broadcasting in violation of the laws that regulate satellite broadcast in the United States and Britain”.