NHK absorbs MICO
Written by Chris Forrester
Sunday, 07 February 2010 04:35

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK has taken its international video distribution arm in house.

Media International Corp (MICO), which is well-known around the world as NHK’s international business arm, is to be merged with NHK’s main programme-making subsidiary, NHK Enterprises Inc. The overall aim is to strengthen NHK’s international operations.

NEP produces programs in a wide range of genres and forms the core of NHK’s domestic content business. MICO has a record of success in marketing NHK programs overseas and in acquiring overseas programs for NHK and other domestic broadcasters. The creation of a new NEP through the merger will enable a single company to strategically distribute NHK content domestically and internationally.

NHK will continue building on its achievements in major co-productions and in producing rich content in diverse genres. The launch of the new NEP will generate new strengths in terms of international production and marketing, thereby boosting the NHK brand on a global scale.