Piracy encourages the sale of counterfeit cards

Notice to mariners to the apparently emerging piracy of pay TV, according to several reports in the network.

After the fraudulent use is being done with the "opening" of the conditional access system Viaccess PC 2.6, a very specific group has already announced that it has managed to hack the 3.0 version of the encoding of the subsidiary of France Télécom. If this is just confirming in practice, would be a hard whip to specific platforms that use the encryption, such as Al Jazeera Sport, which is considering removing the PC version 2.6 of its satellite channels Eutelsat Hot Bird 9 (13 ° East). The punishment also would arrive for some French channels on CanalSat Astra, among others.

We do not know the veracity of the information but what are witnessing the sale in the smart card market, which supposedly "open" the latter Viaccess encryption. In particular, we are talking about the forged cards Omnia. Apparently, these cards are versions that hackers had prepared only for testing but not for marketing.

The act of buying a smart card to "hijack" a sign of a pay TV is illegal and is a fraud as well as sell more if they then fail to put on the market in general. How could it be otherwise, behind all of the conglomerate are groups trying to bring economic slice of piracy and no matter how it takes place.