Hi @ll

Have a DreamBox running RuDream and NewCamD 6.03
Have also at Phoenix interface running NewCS-1_RC6 on a WinXP machine using com2 and a Cerebro.

No FW enabled.

As i start on a channel that is related to this card (PW) i get connected to the pc running the Cerebrocard, get logged in, but in the same second i get logged out again.

Checked the config files line by line and it seems to be OK.
Using this file Cerebro_aladin_0384C Z.hex <- S02 Emulation Irdeto ACS 3.84

Also had a friend connecting from his location, but same result.

Are able to program the card without any problems or failures.

Any clues.

Tnx in advance

Rgs Eizo