Triple X and Retelsat leave the Hispasat satellite

Both channels are no longer present in the orbital position 30 ║ West Hispasat 1C at the 11,931-H MHz frequency after being simultaneously the same signal in recent years. Retelsat emitted by day and Triple X did from midnight, in both cases scrambled channels in the system Viaccess.

In addition, Retelsat also has been sharing its space with other content distributors such as Next TV channel that aired this programming from 15:00 to 18:00 hours.

Retelsat is a Spanish distributor externally-produced content for local television stations in Spain with a wide variety of programs.

Retelsat has an infrastructure that provides a service via satellite. Ship Monday through Friday for about six hours of content in the morning, so that broadcasters can record and the program whenever they consider most appropriate.

Meanwhile, Triple X offered a programming aimed at adults.