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Thread: DM 600 Says No Signal on particular channels. DM 500 Works Fine...

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    DM 600 Says No Signal on particular channels. DM 500 Works Fine...

    Hello Everyone! I'm very new to this whole satellite thing ( 2 weeks now) so please don't kill me if I say anything stupid... Right... I just bought a DM 600 pvr and a DM 500s. As soon as I do the initial installation, I update the satellite and bouquet files from a ready made package I downloaded from someone... My DM500 works fine... shows all the channels I want, No problem. If I remove the DM500 and put on the DM600, than I cannot display 3-4 particular channels like animal planet and national geographic. It just cannot sync... Do you think that it is a tuner problem? Even if I use the automatic channel finder, the DM 500 will tune to everything but the 600 will simply bypass these channels and won't display them at all in the service list! If I remember correctly, in the first 2-3 days of testing both receivers, I was able to watch these channels properly with the 600 but not anymore...

    DM 500s is using a Gemini 4.7 image (with the timebomb removed)
    DM 600 is also using a Gemini 4.7 image (the proper one... with the timebomb... :P)

    Obviously each image is suitable for each of the receivers

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    Re: DM 600 Says No Signal on particular channels. DM 500 Works Fine...

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    Re: DM 600 Says No Signal on particular channels. DM 500 Works Fine...


    Seem's a tuner trouble because the 600 level SNR is 63% is really low and BER need to be approx 00.
    If you can access to your dish, try to push left, right up down to get more signal on each direction. If one is better then repoint your dish.

    Try to flash another firmware into your 600 and scan again.

    If only few "crypted"channels are not available maybe some keys are not the same as 500.

    If you can use another friend/familly dish please do it just to scan.

    Let us know issues.

    G luck

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