Dutch hero makes film about Flight 253

Jasper Schuringa is making a film about his heroic actions on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. The Dutchman subdued Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was trying to ignite a small explosive on board the plane as it prepared to land in Detroit on Friday December 25th 2009.

Schuringa, a video director from Amsterdam, has teamed up with international producer Eyeworks for this documentary. ‘The Man who saved Christmas’ announced his news in Dutch TV show ‘As The World Turns‘. Schuringa will direct the film and, presumably, play himself.


As the plane from Amsterdam prepared for landing, Schuringa heard a series of pops similar to firecrackers. He saw 23-year-old Abdulmutallab getting on fire and jumped ‘without hesitation’ over the seats. ”I took some kind of object that was already melting and smoking out of him”, Schuringa said.

With his bare hands he tried to put out the fire. As crew members rushed to retrieve fire extinguishers, Schuringa realized he needed to get Abdulmutallab away from the flames. ”We took him to first class … stripped him and contained him to make sure he had no more weapons, no more bombs.”

The plane landed safely minutes later, bringing relief to the other 278 passengers and 11 crew members aboard.


All over the world people ask Schuringa to come and tell his story. “I still don’t realize what has happened to me, but I understand it is exceptional. Therefor I want to make detailed reconstruction, so everyone can see for himself what has happened to me”, the Dutchman says.


Eyeworks CEO Reinout Oerlemans is very honored to work with Schuringa. British and American TV stations have already shown interest in the film, he says. Oerlemans’ Eyeworks is also making ‘My Life as The Octomum‘ about Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets. Eyeworks and Schuringa haven’t yet announced when the film is scheduled to be aired.