Ted Turner $750m poorer
Written by Chris Forrester
Thursday, 11 February 2010 10:03
Back in 1997 CNN founder Ted Turner made a pledge to donate $1bn of his fortune to charitable causes. He says about $750,000,000 has now been given away.

Turner, speaking to students at Atlanta’s Oglethorpe University, said: “I noticed that people who are generous are happier than people who are stingy.” He said he was inspired to give his cash away by the example of people like George Soros, and his philanthropic work in Eastern Europe. “I copied him and asked others to copy me. It’s like a relay race,” said Turner, 71, and reportedly now worth about $1.8bn following the stock market downturn.

Turner’s long-held feud with Rupert Murdoch is also well and truly over. A couple of years ago Turner hosted Murdoch with a meal at his ‘Ted’s Montana Grill’ in Manhattan. More recently Turner sent Murdoch a congratulatory message saying the Wall Street Journal had improved now that it was under News Corp’s control.

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