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Thread: problem for el-700 fta

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    problem for el-700 fta

    Dear users ,I am facing this prolem first time , whe I turn on my receiver echo link el-700 fta , it gives on on receiver display and does not show any thing on tv , just written "on" on its' own display. what would be reason and does it need flash file , if yes then give me flash file .

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    Re: problem for el-700 fta

    Just try to reload the last working firm.


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    Re: problem for el-700 fta

    Hi Scrombi, I have just had the same problem. It turned out to be one of the capacitors on the power supply circuit board. Take the top off the receiver and check out the tops of the black capicitors on the power supply side. If any of have a raised top desolder them and replace. Only one of mine had a raised top it said capxon 1000uf 10v on it. I got two of them off ebay for less than 2 delivered. Receiver is now working fine. Good luck.....

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