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    Nice Board

    Testing -- Testing

    Well, Hello everyone.

    Nice Board !!!!

    I am glad I found my way over here. Nice !!!!

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    Re: Nice Board

    Hello out there…

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    Re: Nice Board

    Well… Thank You, Jamam. It is nice to be here.

    So, I am new to this game.

    Looks like most of this equipment is universal. Yes?

    The satellites on over the USA most likely work the same as on the other side of the world. Right? I hope so. LOL

    All the info for the equipment is on this board. Right?

    What about programs, keys and all that for my side of the world?

    Some of the forms are blank when I open them. How do I get access to these forms? Is a donation needed? If I find all I am now looking for, then that would not be any problem.

    But, I am still new and not sure what I am looking at or if I can use this info over here. ????

    Thanks again.


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    Re: Nice Board

    Hola y bienvenido(a) a nuestro foro (Peña) y disfruta de la presencia.


    Hello and welcome to our forum and enjoys it.


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    Re: Nice Board

    mate and enjoy your stay here !!!

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