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Thread: Diablo² CAM Heat problem

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    Exclamation Diablo² CAM Heat problem

    Hi got my new Diablo² CAM recently. After some time in my Vantage 8000s receiver it start restarting itself over and over. Has anyone notice this ? The cam gets pretty warm, when i cool it down it is ok for some minuttes then it all start over again, very anoying. I will try later to install a fan inside the unit and see if it helps.

    I use latest ipnosys 0.04

    It decodes the channels it is suposed todo.
    evrything in config is turned to off exept Emu ofcoz

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    Re: Diablo² CAM Heat problem

    hi m8,
    iv'e had the same problem with a diablo with a HumaxHDR
    dragon and diablo cams do run hot and even now with a clarke -tech i always
    leave the flap open, as for re-booting iv'e never had that problem, i have read
    others saying that some boxes dont work with the cam if they are patched etc:
    and others say the cam has problems with certain receivers, unless they use
    the official opperating software loaded on the receiver

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    Re: Diablo² CAM Heat problem

    I too have a Humax Foxsat HDR, and the CAM does behave in a similar way. It does appear to settle down a bit once it has been tuned in to a particular channel for a while, but it seems to constantly have to descramble again and again. It will descramble, you can watch for a few seconds/minutes, then it will become scrambled again and take a while to descramble. Not sure if it getting too hot is the problem or not? Or whether I've got something incorrectly set in the config?

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    Question Re: Diablo² CAM Heat problem

    Hello, to everyone and thanks for this helpfull post.
    I have just bought a Diablo 2 Cam Rev. 3.9 and i have a question.
    I have updated with Ipnosys 010 and fine working. I have inputted the configuration of cam mentioned in your section, but after 10-15 minutes, it is warming and ... black screen.
    What can I do to no happen in future this situation ?
    Many thanks all and good luck !

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    Re: Diablo² CAM Heat problem

    In Samsung 9500 AZ where I had CI slots parallelly to cards slot ( not below like in a lot of receivers) I drilled holes in chassis just above CI slots and this helped a bit

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