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Thread: NEW DM500 image with UNICABLE support

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    NEW DM500 image with UNICABLE support

    NEW DM500 image with UNICABLE support

    I've prepared an image for DM500 with unicable support using the attached
    This image is a merge of following images:
    -Boot, kernel, bootlogo, with some files removed to make space
    -Smaller busybox from
    - Enigma and related files from extracted image using customized nfi2cf-0.1
    Since enigma from adenin image is really big, i had to:
    - remove some font
    - remove skin
    - remove some image for web interface
    - remove gemini plugins
    - remove dyndns daemon
    - remove ssh daemon
    but who cares... i need scr support...
    Like the you have to:
    Select the satellite configuration in the listbox "22kHz" UNICABLE.
    In "LNB" you can then select the channel (SaTCR) and its frequency.
    First release without webif
    Second release with webif
    PS: many thanks to adenin and all others for your work.

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    Re: NEW DM500 image with UNICABLE support

    ciao a tuttiio ho un problema imagine inserita tutto ok ma non riesco a farmi leggere la mia card al jazzera, come si mettono le 3c ed altro su questa imagime? grazie

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