Hello to everybody!

I would ask for some clarifications regarding the cardsharing;
I haven't got a decoder but a dvb pci card. I tried progdvb and vplug and they work very well, but now I would "exploring" the cardsharing world, but I haven't understand what plug-in or software I should use. In particularly:

1) I used WinCsc, but I think that it's only a client not a server... right?
2) I used hadu-cccam, but I think that it's only a client too... right?
3) in my case I haven't keys to share, but I could sharing keys from other server, a sort of "bridge"... right?
4) To became a "bridge", (both client and server),I think that isn't necessary a computer with a satellite card, but simply a computer connected to internet... right? If yes, which software?

Thank you very much for answers, and sorry for my english