Well this is what happens when more and more kids take over the satscene ... i'm getting too old for this ...the only way you can verify if someone is scamming you is by checken massive ecm's and if your LOCAL(s) show up in his server cards. Read below and weap :

I found a big problem for us honest CCcam user.

It is very easy to steal cards from a CCcam-server with OScam.

OScam has a option named cccam reader.
With that option you can use a C: line as a cardreader.

For example:
My peer has Sky Germany as a local card in his CCcam-server and gives me a C: line, then i can use this C: line to connect via OScam to his server.

label = CCcam_Server
protocol = cccam
device = ddns,port
account = username,password
group = 1
caid = 1702
cccversion = 2.0.11
cccbuild = 2892
cccmaxhop = 1


Key = 0102030405060708091011121314
Port = 10000@1702:000000

Now i have made the C: line to a N: line and my peer didn't notice anything. I'm connected as a CCcam client for him.

I can use this N: line now to fake me a own local card with a CCcam version smaler then 2.1.4 with the 256 N: line trick.

Even if my peer gives me no reshare for his card, i can share his card 7 hops down if i want.

I know that there are people allready using this for faking cards.
Today i have deleted a peer because off that.

I hope that the CCcam-Team will change the transmission protocol very soon.
It's time for a new CCcam that can not be used by the dirty clients based on the stolen CCcam-sources.
We realy need it!

So if anyone here has connections to one off the CCcam devs please report him about that, so they can stop this, like they have killed the 256 trick in the new CCcam 2.1.4.


so this is why you see people with 10 LOCALS , they have actually NONE, but are using the oscam logins to YOUR locals.

Satscene def going down the tubes.
FiloFx (aka Fx, aka Sf...etc)

Greetz go to the oldies, Irdetomaster, ShRO, Cardmanie, SatSylvester, ... and all people over 15 years in satscene...