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Thread: help for c line for my first time

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    help for c line for my first time

    i have dm 500s flashed nabilo 2.12 image ifollow all step from dcc networking connection ok ,ftp open,var and etc cccamcfg open istuck there i have a c line but i don't know where to put that bcause i see a lot of line any help welcome and step by step or you can pm

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    Re: help for c line for my first time

    in Dcc/FTP select ccam.config Right click 'Edit' copy and paste your Cline into the config, save and close...if you have the Ccam Server runnin should pick it up (you should see it in the Ccam Info on the DM500)...otherwise start Ccam Server on the DM500 in the Blue panel...Ccam Info on the DM500 will also show if the server is live! luck

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