I am thinking of upgrading my dish from an 80cm Orbital to a 1m Orbital Aluminium dish.

My main reason for changing my dish is to receive the channels from Eutelsat Sesat 1 at 16.0E.
(previously these channels were on the now dead EutelSatw2 16E satellite and I was able to get them on my 80cm dish).

On a good day I only get 40 to 50% signal quality on some transponders and none on others
(12525H/30000 40 to 50%)
(12520V/2156 48%)
(12557V/2156 Nothing)
(12733H/5700 Nothing)

Will an increase to a 1m dish be enough for me to get good signals with the 1m Orbital Aluminium. (Manchester location)?

The reason for choosing this dish over a Traix 1.1m is that being aluminium it weighs the same as my current Orbital 80 cm steel dish.

Has aybody used this dish?
Is it any good?
Are there any drawback (signal wise) to it being made from Aluminium?