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Thread: Topfield TF3000CIpro Firmware Install & Modify TFD or Bins?

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    Question Topfield TF3000CIpro Firmware Install & Modify TFD or Bins?

    Gday All -- (Newbi to this Forum)

    I have pulled out the old Topfield and decided to play with it again. Maybe to much regret , I have spent some 2 weeks on it trying to upgrade the firmware and have read on a few forums that it can be upgraded to the GM 9400CI firmware. I have downloaded up to 20 versions of .tfd and GM firmware and only one update worked which is System ID. 201, A3.01, v4.4.7, TF-JCI 3.58.50, Jul 01 2004.

    I have used several firmware loaders and they just failed... Are the firmware loaders able to work in MS Vista32bit and Windows XP32bit?

    I have made the RS232 cable 2 different ways with pin layouts 1st: 2-3, 3-2 and 5-5 with the 1 firmware upgrade success and then 2nd pin layout is pin 5-5, pin 3-2, pin 2-3, pin 7&8, same with 1,4&6 same plug jumpered on both sides separately and wire screen to wire screen and pin 9 unconnected.

    I have tried upgrading the firmware in a few ways only to get E-03 and E-06 and others just hang, suppose to reboot this and reboot that and disconnect and reconnect the rs232. I have tried my vista lappy with a usb to rs232 converter and an XP desktop pc with the common com port out the back.

    Can the software work through a USB to COM port converter??

    Severely frustrated with it all and basically just want to be able upload the STB with new transponder lists and updates and not do it one at a time with the remote or old software. So if anyone is out there who has upgraded the TF3000CIpro to the GM 9400CI please help me out.

    Has anyone got a detailed version update list of the TF-Down.EXE file or any other software that works with the TF3000CI Pro.?

    Does the CAS have to be in the STB b4 the firmware upgrade??

    With everything I have read, much is confusing or not detailed enough.


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    Re: Topfield TF3000CIpro Firmware Install & Modify TFD or Bins?

    I have solo this for the decoder in matter.I have sold the decoder,other no I have,I am sorry it.the error E-03 E-06 they point out incompatibility.Regards Paoloticali
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