Spanish 3D Pictures to launch 3D channel

By Robert Briel

Spanish 3D Pictures is set to launch its own 3D Channel later this year. The new channel will be distributed via IPTV, satellite, cable, Mobile TV, mobile multimedia handheld devices, iPad, iPod video, game consoles phones, new digital platforms, new technologies and wireless networks.

“The launch of 3D will be a historical moment. 3D is already here and is here to stay. The 3D Channel will be an exciting experience for viewers in three dimensions. “said Ruiberriz Joaquin Torres, president and CEO of 3D Pictures, in a statement.

The channel is now negotiating with suppliers of content such as sports, movies, concerts, entertainment, documentaries, animation, and current event reports, plays, circus and high profile live events.

3D Pictures will own production divisions and external 3D movies, series, programs, animation, video games, new interactive advertising formats, cutting-edge commercials, Mobile TV, three-dimensional effects, video and graphics. Distribution, shop online, online video and interactive product placement.