your friends, once again, a new backupla

2.1.3 because we used this as backupda CCcam 2.1.4 CCcam I had a little problem
We had a first day in dreambox device and the first page of the newspaper picture as you could read
but I could not read the pages below to yokarı
now picture that clearly did bunuda approached and where want want to do up and down as you can read
How it will do well?
To read say okey in point istediyiniz gaetenin Require
When the picture opens, press the commander's help

Now press 2 buttons control your photos will be great if you press 5 if you are up there as the track goes down, press down to the 7 key, press the red or green if you can do to try back next page

the most important feature of this backupda (flexmenue)
(flexmenue) to this day Bogle geliştirelememişti
hele pliye (flexmenue) was not installed now is making the entire stone imagen
much better in the future days I hope will do
first page of the daily gazeterin this does not backupda can read as a picture
weather and time of the call to prayer all provinces mevcud
abroad by foreign milletimizide think we've added the time of the call to prayer in Ramadan is a

There are important phone numbers
Emergency numbers
Important numbers
Inter-city telephone code
International telephone codes
Turkey bus station numbers
Turkey airport numbers
Phone numbers of the central bank in Turkey bunlunan

Have a list at the bottom of your hand Trksat get frakans
Domestic and foreign TV streaming URLs
subtitles in foreign flimler
phone number of national channels

What to get?
you can decide we do it according
Do not forget all the labor which teşekr to friends