Hi, I have installed the new un191 and I have problems watching some of the channels with ca*d sh*r*ng mainly I am upset as the channles like HD plus (SAT1HD etc are no longer viewable after the upgrade) . I have 2 questions :
1. Any known such problems BTW since the introdcution of the support to bis I can't watch also N*VA ?
2. I have tried to downgrade to my save uw190 did format my card and did the restore but although everything completed ok nothing was working including channels that have the keys in keys.bin file. The red light on the card blinked I was able to see the heading of the CI slot but there it was underworl191 and not the one I have restored to un190. In addition I was unable to access the card. Luckily I was able to reinstall the uw191 , at least I can watch the rest of the channels.
Appreciate any help , thanks mony.