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Thread: Web Interface 0.80php by joseba and koivo - Azbox HD

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    Web Interface 0.80php by joseba and koivo - Azbox HD

    web Interface 0.80php by joseba and koivo (Simplified)

    Hi Folks, I have simplified the mentioned web interface. Many people do not get down with the Telnet or CHMOD it correctly or with the data in the reinladen / MMP directory. So I thought to myself, I'll do this once in a plugin. File. But since I had no time to degree, it was enough for the last step, unfortunately, not yet. Your However you must only extract the attached file and the folder to copy to webinterface plugin. Then you can start it on Azbox under plugins. Through a simple input the IP address in the browser of the PC you can then zugreiffen. In my case the IP address in each config file will even automatically adjust. If properly adjusted, only if you use USB1 or USB2 or interen HDD for the films by running the Web Interface is the way AzBox automatically. 
    I want to apologize to koivo joseba and that I have not been informed about it. The script itself has remained the same. The data can also be started from / SMP. I've only done the automatic setting of the script for inexperienced users to Telnet and FTP to spare (currently FTP can not be saved because it does not. Plugin file, and not from the stick or the Internet can be installed). 
    What will I get in the future want to run (only after approval of the two): 
    - Install / tmp or the USB stick (in the coming days, if I have Linux on my PC) 
    - A Station in the interface, the Web radio from the web radio plugin loads station.xml 
    - Samba integrate plug-in, to ensure access to movies and other folders 
    - Automatic startup of the Samba box + shortcut to open the browser 
    If you discover errors or wish / have suggestions, contact me. 
    Edit: After Joseba thanked me, would think of no more problems Saves given him at least work (I hope). I noticed that / SMP for a Firmware update will be emptied. Since the "Setup" is from me but then in the PLUGIN folder, you do not install it again. I'm now still working on Samba, so anyway since I had time testing ways (without web interface) running. This will start automatically. To copy the startup script, the settings and then executes the commands. Possibly. I try to enter this setting to change in the web interface (such as the IP matters, etc.). However, this would be the attitude taken only after a reboot. Related to the radio will be a bissl difficult. Have been running a web radio, just not at the AzBox. I want the program so that it appears from the file Station.xml recognizes and directly through the PC player plays out and will not be streamed from AzBox. Streaming makes only LIVE TV and LIVE Radio that you can not get from the Internet sense. Possibly. It works even HTTPS_Streams.txt from "DISK2 Import and establish there a live TV channels from IP. In addition, the AzBox it must not be able to stream it. Time will tell even then in the coming months. I'm going first time hit me from the ear and possibly even more creative ideas to collect my brother came up with the idea a WebFTP integrate, and with a WebMail account data from the plugin Mailee. HTML and PHP is the strength of it. I learn to put the while been about 3 years ago, but he completed their hats with nem CMS (chat, forum, etc all have; worked for about 2 years off it) more than I do. But something like streaming radio and TV streams (as I said only by Internet programs, so there is no misunderstandings), it should already be possible. WebFTP and WebMail will then look at my brother more times. Only make the design for websites I should be better, but what they have already done since koivo joseba and is pretty smart (I think)
    Version 0.80d


    - Various bugs
    - Music. Picture and Movie Browser Reviewed
    - Revised Configs WI
    - Samba fixed
    - Mount Script
    - DynDNS possible (for FritzBox owner naja share in the original version also do not forget your password)

    Thx DEDEX7200Pro
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    Re: Web Interface 0.80php by joseba and koivo - Azbox HD

    AZBox Webinterface PHP 0.80

    Thx to keibertz
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